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What are the arguments for and against an IRA rollover?

An IRA rollover may provide greater flexibility than remaining in a plan in terms of distribution options, resources available, investment opportunities, and the availability of individualized investment advice from a financial advisor. It may also provide an opportunity to consolidate assets into one retirement account. There may also be a reduction of fees and expenses relative to some plans.

There are also valid reasons to keep assets in the original plan, including generally lower fees and expenses due to institutional pricing, the benefit of fiduciaries charged with making decisions about available investments, services and fees on your behalf, the opportunity to withdraw funds via a loan at an earlier age without tax penalties, and unlimited protection from creditors and legal judgements.

The needs of the client must also be taken into account when assessing the relative pros and cons.  Ultimately, each recommendation must be made on an individualized basis, reflecting the different facts and circumstances of each client.