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Available Now:

Prospecting for New Business

Yes, it’s not a matter of opinion; there are right ways and wrong ways in the sales process. We’ve included a checklist so you can’t miss best practices. We’ll recommend sales collateral and topics for prospect meetings, and model language for prospect fee conversations and for describing scope of services. We’ll teach you how to sell hard without breaking the rules.

Implementing Investment Goals and Strategies

It’s about transitioning new and existing clients while following fiduciary standards. We’ll take you through making a client profile, determining investment goals, deciding on investments, having conversations about contracts and fee disclosures, and using checklists for documenting investments, diversification and monitoring.

Coming Soon:

Managing Client Account Changes

We’ll take you through managing the most common client account changes while remaining true to fiduciary policies and firm guidelines. The conversations are about rollovers, distributions, RMDs, investment changes and moving from a commission- to asset-based compensation.